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Various Automation Products & Components available:

  • AC Motor Frequency Inverters
  • DC Motor Controllers
  • AC Brushless Servo Motor & Controllers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Motion Controllers & Intelligent Servo Controllers
  • DC Motors
  • Linear Servo Motors




QUIN - Motion Controllers & Intelligent Servo -Controllers




Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drives

  • A500 Series (Advanced Intelligent Control)

  • E500 Series (Expansive functionality in a compact package)
    • Most compact inverter in its class
    • Only 85% the volume a Mitsubishi FREQROL-U100 (for FR-E520-0.2K)
    • All models from 0. 1 to 3.7KW are the same 128mm in height making panel layout easier. (Except RE-E540)



Teco - AC Motor Frequency Inverters

  • AC Motor Frequency Inverters
    • Miniature size
    • Easy to use/program
    • State-of-the-art IGBT module
    • S.M.T high density technology
    • Low motor noise
    • High starting torque
    • RS485 serial communication
    • Remote control(option)

  • Digital DC Drives - DC Motor Controllers
    The 6500-D offers an extensive range of application software functions which together with a configurable block diagram and programmable 1/0 create a total drive system in a single module
    • Open and closed loop winder control
    • 4 mode on board field controller
    • Armature voltage up to 1.2 x ac supply volts
    • Configurable block diagram and 1/0
    • Simple multi-language programming
    • Ratings from 35A to 2800A, two or four quadrant

    6500-D Series - The most powerful and flexible dc drives









S.B.C - Brushless Servo Controllers & Motor

  • HPD Drive
    The HPD drive is digital frequency converter for driving AC brushless motors The adoption of a parametric operator interface makes drive configuration faster and more easy repeatable. The various configuration possibilities enable the HPD drive to fit he needs of a board range of applications.

  • BSU/BLU Drive
    A series of compact open-case analogues drives, silent running and easy to install. The drives are equipped with a second analog input for dynamic torque limiting functions.

  • ABD Drive
    A series of analogue drives with 220V ac power supply from transformer, autotransformer or mains.




Watt AC Motor Frequency Inverter

  • AC Motor Frequency Inverter
    • Digital keypad
    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • 2 acc./dec. times
    • Adjustable DC brake
    • 6 Digital inputs
    • Electronic motor protection
    • Automatic restart
    • Software lock
    • Adjustable setting signals
    • 7 Fix frequencies
    • Process functions
    • Motor potentiometer
    • Serial link



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